Jill’s stitched paper collage detail

Free machining embellishments onto stitched paper collage

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11 thoughts on “Jill’s stitched paper collage detail

  1. Hi smidgen,

    this is a favourite photo of mine too!  I love close ups!

    keep on with the free motion, soon it will be real easy to do!…thanks for the stamping video 🙂

  2. I am amazed at your talent and creativity. Your work looks like Mary Frances Handbags. If you have not seen them you can find them online.

    I used to work in a high end store with exquisite accessories, so I have a collection of about 14 of Mary Frances creations.

    P>S> dont tell my  husband – he always reminds me that just because I could buy at cost – it still costs$$$


  3. Thanks to Colleen, Jody and Loralye2…glad you liked it. 

    Colleen, I had a look at the handbags…I want all of them! – Cheers! Jill 🙂