Jody Johnson of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Grandma Florence's Apple Pie," Jody's submission for our Quilting Arts 2010 "Fresh Picked" Calendar Contest. 

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10 thoughts on “Jody Johnson of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  1. Thank you for these lovely comments. I cannot believe how beautiful all the quilts in the contest are! It is so hard to choose favourites. This quilt means a lot to me as it is my grandmother’s pie recipie, which was her grandmother’s pie recipie. My grandmother made the best pies, whether it was apple, peach, saskatoon berry or blueberry. She is 95 now and does not bake anymore, so I have taken over the tradition as the family pie maker.

  2. Isn’t pie great?!  I wish I could read your granny’s recipe from here and try it out!

    I love the contrast between the on-fire oranges and cool-crisp greens. The recipe looks like it was torn from a well-loved, sticky-finger-printed book. And what is that, cinnamon sticks on the counter? – nice touch and adds the perfect pinch of dark spice texture to the piece and the pie!