Joseph’s Coat finished

This Kaleidescope took ten days to make but well worth the time, I named it Joseph's Coat not because it has many colors but because it had a hard time getting along with its brother fabrics . A lot of choices go into making any Kaleidescope and this one especially so , for me its just not right until it makes me happy 🙂 this piece is about 30"x 27" framed

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10 thoughts on “Joseph’s Coat finished

  1. I thought something with black or just black would do as a background  but it just seemed to pale out the scope , I dont understand why but thats part of the fun of Kaliedscopes you just got to stick with it till it comes out right , this was started out with a little bundle of multicolor batik with a strong pattern on it from hobby lobby, the first thing Ive ever seen that screamed I can be a kalidescope at me right at the store, I have a large stash of fabrics that I pick up mostly here and there so usually they have all kinds of bits in them , the green and pink and black stripes was from curtains at a garage sale and the winning background was a large pillow case from the salvation army store 🙂 I confess this here so everyone can see that anyone can make a cool quilt no matter where you live or how.