Judith Talley

I entitled my small quilt, "Mother's Day" since the swan has laid a clutch of eggs and it is spring.  I attempted to capture the sunlit greens of early spring and the flowers, which should be blooming at that time.  I used 100% cotton fabric and thread along with light-weight batting for my piece.  The image of the swan and nest is handpainted  in thinned acrylic paints on white cotton fabric. The flowers which simulate watercolor are applied in a Broderie Perse fashion with thread painting to help them blend in with ther background.  The swan and background are heavily machine quilted to give emphasis and dimension.  I used a small yellow-green border to repeat the sunlit areas. I bound the edges with an oriental inspired fabric which I thought complimented the subject matter, which has an oriental feel.     

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2 thoughts on “Judith Talley

  1. You are world class in your skills. I am not kidding. I do have an eye, I told Jenney Eckley’s daughter that, about her mother’s art, and she is!  You should win the prize. If they had put yours first in order it would have a great portion of the votes. Have them shake the hat, so you get a better position! You should be in many galleries!

  2. Hi,

    I really like the sketchy quality you created with thread, outlining the flowers, defining the green areas, and of course, on your swan.  It almost reminds me of a pastel chalk painting.  It is a very nice composition!