Jungle Leaves

Inspired by a close up detail of a leaf on a plant I photographed growing in the local rain forest. I've used a wide variety of different greens to create the detail of the leaf veins and each piece was individually cut and applied using invisible machine applique.

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8 thoughts on “Jungle Leaves

  1. I am very intrigued by your beautiful leaf quilt. What size is it? The fabrics are fabulous greens are my favorites!!!  Looks like a blue ribbon winner to me.


  2. Thank you Kammal and Colleen. This is quite a small quilt 17 inches x 21 inches. I love green too and I have more green in my stash than any other colour. If you are interested you can see how I went about making this quilt on my blog Anne’s creative Threads under “Detail of Jungle Leaves Wall Hanging”.


  3. Anne, I have just viewed your blog and the details of this fabulous leaf design. I am totally overwhelmed at your talent and creativity. The tutorial on fabric painting has certainly peaked my curiosity! Especially the piece with the blue sky and green foreground.  AMAZING WORK!!! I would love to follow your blog but not sure how, could you please advise? My blog is:

    colleen-colleensquilting journey.blogspot.com

    I noticed you had Tammy at Quilt Pictures.com on your list — I also have quilts on her site with stories for most of them.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Anne,

    Truly exquisite work.  I read through your blog and was very interested in your techniques; one especially is the paintsticks rubbed over the leaves. I have paintsticks and not used them yet, but I will certainly try this method with your tips. Thank you so much for sharing and adding so much detail with photos in your explanations.


  5. Gwen,

    thank you for your comments about my work and my blog. It’s a great pleasure for me to be able to share some of what I do because living here in Brunei, in South East Asia, I am rather isolated from the quilting world, so it is great to be able to communicate with others through the internet.

    I have just got my paintstiks project out again as it has been sitting in a cupboard for a few months waiting to be finished. While I was trying to match fabric for something else I suddenly thought of it again as the fabric was just what I wanted for the borders. Today I added the borders and am now just in the middle of quilting it so once it is finished I’ll write it up in my blog and post a picture to the gallery.