King’s Canyon Wall Hanging

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6 thoughts on “King’s Canyon Wall Hanging

  1. This was done from a photo taken whilst on a 8,000 km ( about 12,800 miles) school excursion last year. It is of a place called King’s Canyon which is very near Ayers Rock in central Australia. It is 40 in by 60 in and whilst the rock face is mainly hand dyed fabric the tree is made from worn out grey school uniforms.

  2. Wendy, this is just great.  You did a lovely job with the fabric first of all, but putting it to the perfect use was outstanding.  I love the striations in the rock face.  The tree is modeled superbly with the assorted greys.  I can really only find one suggestion, and in this case it is not very important.  The branches on the lower right are darkened wonderfully, but lose a little definition because of the patterning on the rockface.  In painting you would place the thinnest hint of a line of high value color along the edge of the branch where the value of the branch is too similar to the background .  That tiny dab of extra contrast really can make your wor pop.  In the case of working with fabric you can do the same thing by using a light color thread, just enough to mae the edge distinct.  Lovelly work……Jim D 

  3. I love your interpretation of your surroundings. I think your fabrics are awesome! Here in Ohio we don’t get to see such wonderful cliffs. We have some but they are mostly sandstone or left over lava. Your landscape is very wonderful to my eyes. Nancy