Klunker – Zen Doodle Fiber Mug Rug

This is Klunker – he's a zen doodle fish. He is also a mug rug. 
"Klunker" would love to share your morning coffee, afternoon tea or
late night milk and cookies. He really likes cookies. 

Klunker's gray "drawing" is free motion stitched. 
The shading was added by hand with fabric dye. 

Size: 8" X 10.5"

I am now working on a metal version of Klunker who will swim in a quilted ocean. 

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7 thoughts on “Klunker – Zen Doodle Fiber Mug Rug

  1. I do guess he’s inherited his personality. He started out as a 2″ doodle and I liked him so much he just had to come to life. He has a friend Zippy the zen fish but Klunker is the best. If the weather will get better in our area tomorrow I’m headed to the quilter’s mother ship of Paducha to the quilt show and several days of sewing with friends. I’ve got Klunker’s ocean packed to work on while I’m there.