Lady Godiva

When I have nothing to work on I am  a danger to society , So I try to keep busy 🙂 The words deco horse have been perculating thru my mind for the last week, so I decided to google images and the first one I saw was a 1920s cover piece with Lady Godiva , who just happens to be my 34 great grandma, I have spent 40 yrs doing geneaolgy and my file is huge.This pic is a computer rendiction of that cover turned into a possible quilt, The dark around the top of the horse is old timey rock work that is already up on the wall , flowers for the foot of the horse are being picked out now, I see bright geometrics all around in the white areas to show buildings and windows and such and both light and dark sprials in two sizes everywhere ,the sprial has fascinated me for at least a year now and will be appliqued on top of the squares, faces and boobies and hands are hard to do and will be delibertly covered with sprials for the reason mostly plus for mystery too. Coming up with a ideal is the hard part of quilting for me , the doing of the quilt is just one piece at a time until its done, Will it be a pretty quilt or the worse thing anyone ever attempted , I have no ideal I never do 🙂

I have changed the pic to show whats happening now, its just rougly cut out and put on the background , not going to fast because its to hot in the room with the wall 🙁 but it going and thats whats important,

got a break with the airconditioner and got the outside up on the wall , not put together yet but coming along like I saw to begin with so far

16 ft of applique on each large sprial for no reason other than thats the way I wanted it 🙂

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