large kalidescope

this is my second attempt at making kalidescopes

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5 thoughts on “large kalidescope

  1. Thanks , everyone always says “oh your so good with color “, Im not but Im getting there I think , I was scared of color and then got to thinking a garden has all kinds of colors and they all work , its the green that make it work , I use a design wall and a large peep hole lens and just look and look at anything I might use ,

  2. your quilts are gorgeous. awesome that you have shared them with us. I have to admit that your user name with okie in it took me back to when my grandpa used to talk about ‘okies’ coming to california for work. and then, to ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. It may have also been the colors of your quilts, they just have a nostalgic, comfy feel. gorgeous. all quilts are art, whether they are practical and useful or hung on a wall as adornment, or vessels on a table, they evoke so much emotion. Well, now i gone and babbled. 

    thank you for sharing OkieLinda



  3. Thanks for babbling , I love babble it tells what we are really thinking , I have been told to update that name , I’m silveriemoon everywhere else . But when I signed up here I just felt like what I am a Okie Linda .I take alot of pride in the fact that my quilts do have that comfy feel and are all handmade ,even the weight of the pieces is very important, The story of the quilts that were dumped in the desert in order for the Okies to go into California has never really been told, It was because Calif didn’t want any chance of bugs coming in too. But you know there were people out picking them up and taking them somewhere, Supposedly they were all burned but I often wonder where they are now, There must have been thousands , I also wonder with the bad economy how many people are going to come back to Oklahoma now 🙂 The state has changed alot but the feel of the place and family important s hasn’t . My son got citizen of the year in Chigago for doing what any Okie would do to help a neighbor .