The titles and images for my quilts come from various sources. Sometimes, I have the image first, sometimes I have the title first, and often, I'm playing with fabrics, start on the piece, and then the title comes to me. The name and image for this art quilt. "Laughter', came to me after reading a poem by the same name from the Sufi poet, Hafiz. In his work, the sky is laughing. I felt the concept of a laughing sky to be so compelling that I had to create it with fabric and beads. The ribbon that winds through the piece was meant to represent the whimsical quality of laughter. I used several types of ribbons, from opaque solid to sheers, just as there are many types of laughs. The beading symbolizes the bubbling-over quality of giggles. As a child, I would run my fingers through boxes of beads, letting them to sift through my fingers, and imagine that I heard laughter. I know that that act of sorting beads still makes me smile and is very soothing as I ply through my boxes and bins of treasures before starting a new piece.

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