Laura Ruiz

I dream of flying, like my inner animal, the bird.  When I have that dream my spirit is set free, flying above the world and released of the gravity that holds it down.
I took a picture of myself,  traced it, printed it, and then used shiva paintsticks to enhance the portrait.  I hand painted my hair to try to get the color (minus the grey).
The bird is of irridescent polyester organza.
Made of commercial fabrics, hand painted, and ink jet printed fabrics.  Free motion quilted.

Thank you for the fun, this is the first challange I have ever done and I really enjoyed it.

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One thought on “Laura Ruiz

  1. This is fabulous. I was scrolling through the photos and yours made me stop.    I’ve wanted to experiment with photo transfer quilting but was afraid it would look stiff. You dispelled that concern.  Great work!