Layers I, Floating

19 1/2" x 16".  Shaving cream painted fabric.  Angelina film, and beading.  Machine quilted.

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10 thoughts on “Layers I, Floating

  1. Stitcher, The shaving cream is spread out on a plastic surface and smoothed out.  Dyes or paints are drizzled over the shaving cream.  You then draw a fork or comb or any other tool over the dye to create designs—-marbeling, feathering, whatever.

    Then you lay a piece of fabric over the dye, press lightly and lift off.

    In this piece the background is commercial fabrics; the rectangles are the shaving cream technique.

  2. oh, ok thanks for letting me in on your secret!  I did not see that the rectangles were the shaving cream, but get it now.  Thanks for replying to my post.  It was the first one I have sent! 

  3. Here is a close up of the piece.  It shows the marbled fabric fairly well.

    The Angelina film is behind that fabric, and has been subjected to the heat gun.

    This also shows the quilting and bead work a little better.



  4. Thanks for the new picture Peggy H.  It really shows up your  quilting.  I am very new to figuring out what is what on this site!  This definately caught my attention though! 

    Look forward to seeing the rest of your series!