I wish this was a quilt I had made but its just a pic right now , I thought the tree was just flat showing out with all the colors in it and that other quilters might like it to ,feel free to use it if you do , 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. This is very inspiring and beautiful! I am always looking for trees, the textures and bark differences and have taken many pics, as well as the many types of leaves and color-esp. in the fall, to add to my nature quilts. I have taken many photos over the years-in fact-into it over a thousand pics-and none as colorful and clear as this is!! This is a wonderful source for the shapes of the leaves and many layers are so evident-what a great picture- as the colors even deepen the field of view-wonderful source-thank you!! I am grateful for this source! I will try to send some of mine too-but this one is such a great inspiration! Linda

  2. Thanks Lje ,mom deleted the pic of her tree I sent to her saying she can just look at it if she wanted to see it 🙂 of course it doesnt look like that now , it went from neon green and yellow thru red and orange and down to chocolate purple that one day, photography these days is so good that a old dog like me doesnt get much notice  .I use to run a black and white darkroom in college 🙂 plants and insects have always been my favorites to try to catch , really nice to hear praise and I hope someday to see some quilts and your pics too   🙂