Leilani Pierson

I dream of being a wild horse out on the plains. Running strong through green meadows freely without any fears, the wind whipping through my wild mane and smoothly skimming my back. I have always loved horses since I was very young and running was my favorite sport. A horse's strength and beauty have always drawn me in.  Add in all of the legends and stories of knights in shining armor riding in on their horses and the romance of a horse unfolds even more.

I typed words with a typewriter onto a white cotton cloth, then stenciled a horse shape with acrylic paints.  I drew circles onto the piece with water-color-crayons, then hand-embroidered the horse's shape with cotton thread.  I free-motion stitched all over the piece and added more hand-stitching to various areas. I then embellished the piece with re-bar wire, glass beads, and found words. Finally, I hand stitched the edging of the quilt and then created a trapunto horse by stuffing it with fiber-fill. 

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