Let It Be

a queen size handmade quilt where the fabric flowed where it willed

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2 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. Linda, this stunned me.  I looked at the thumbnail and said “Looks like a garden of iris.”  Then I clicked onthe photo and was amazed that it was a diamond pattern.  Great visual blending!  This is a great example of using color and pattern with a simple shape to create and abstract image.  Really well done……Jim D

  2. Thanks , I loved doing it , but most around here just didnt get it at all, Thats whats great about this webpage I can step out of my box and someone might get it 🙂  I love the making of the quilts thats a Zen thing I guess ,the challenge of figuring out how to make them keeps me on my toes but the design is my challenge or just coming up with new ideals.  Im trying to figure out how to make a vasserly quilt right now , ouch 🙂