lime retro sorbet

This quilt was quilted then coloured with paint sticks.  The quilt was entered into a retro quilt competition.  I was told by the judge that she couldn't see retro in this quilt at all and it was poorly designed…… fact she saw nothing she liked in this quilt at all……… I would love some other feedback.  What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “lime retro sorbet

  1. Some judges seem to think they know it all and their “s–t don’t stink”.. She is just one person with her opinion… Don’t let what she said make you feel like you didn’t do a good job..  I think it’s beautiful and I’m sure others do too… It certainly looks retro to me…  Good job!!!

  2. First what is “retro”- 1950’s, Jetson’s, ?????  2nd- because the border is small, my eye falls off the quilt with the 1/2 and 1/4 sized circles, it may be what she meant by poorly designed. Did you ask her to be specific?  A bigger border would of stopped my eye.  I thinks the design’s feels retro, but  the colors (at least shown on the computer)  do not read 1950’s which is what I think is retro.    

  3. I can’t say if it is retro or not, but I totally love this quilt. It is unique. The judge sounds very full of herself. Those were not “constructive criticisms” intended to help you. She shouldn’t take herself so seriously… the fact that she doesn’t like it? How valuable or informative a “judgement” is that?