Linda Sharp of North Vancouver, British Colmbia

"Plums," Linda's submission to our 2010 Quilting Arts "Fresh Picked" Calendar Contest.

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26 thoughts on “Linda Sharp of North Vancouver, British Colmbia

  1. Juicy, ripe and definitely ready to eat.  I can even smell their sweetness.  Can hardly wait for our own plums to be ripe this year.  Yum.

  2. By the way, I totally disagree with the others about the frame – it is the perfect color, adds striking dimension and texture, and is very original. Honestly, the piece wouldn’t be the same without it – I wouldn’t change a thing!

  3. I completely agree regarding the felted frame, I love it. It adds dimension and texture to the piece, it  completely draws the eye into the piece. the plums are exceptional, want to reach in and snatch one off the plate. lovely. truly lovely.

  4. The fruits are scrumptious, and I would love to know your technique for them. 

    I don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other about the frame.  I realize that felting is the newest thing, but I don’t think I care for it in combination with the beautiful artwork of fruit.  (Makes me think if I take a bite of the plum, I might get some fuzz along with it, LOL!)  I do like the added dimensionality the frame offers, though.

    Overall, a gorgeous piece, Congratulations!

  5. Hi Linda…

    From Kingston, ON comes a terrific high five and congrats on portrayal of the plums in hand needle-felted dimensional glory – a huge challenge and worthy of the many accolades you will receive. Big congrats from me on a job very well done. Can’t wait to see your work in the 2010 QA Calendar! I celebrate the addition of the frame dimension… rock on!

  6. I was so drawn to the plate and plums that I didn’t really notice the frame until I started reading all of the comments.  When I went back and looked I thought, “Wow!  It’s the perfect frame for this gorgeous still life!”  So I give it a thumbs up and congratulate you on your cleverness.  The whole piece is stunning!

  7. The plums are yummy looking. The color of the frame just brings out the highlights in the plums. They wouldn’t be the same without it. Lovely piece!

  8. Wow, from Gabriola Island, BC!  The plums look so realistic with impeccable shading.  How’d you do that? Your work is inspiring me to get up to my studio.