Lisa Chin

"No Sleepovers!"

Like many moms, Momma Swan has her wings full and doesn't want to care for more than her own clutch today, no matter what the little cygnets want.
My pattern was made by manipulating the inspiration photo in Photoshop.  I created the background by curve piecing two batiks together. Momma and her eggs (plus a few guests) were created using fusible applique and some simple stitching to show the outline of each egg.  The nest was created by machine couching a wooly mix of two variegated yarns. The backgrounds are machine quilted using a cotton variegated thread to show the texture in the mossy brown grass as well as the green water.  Oil pastels were used on Momma's mouth to create her tongue, within the yarn in the nest to create extra dimension, and on the eggs to give them highlights.

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