Little Prince Art Quilt #3 by Heather Reid

This is the third in my series of "Little Prince" inspired art quilts. It is similar to one featured in the "How Entertaining!" reader challenge but this one was created with more jewel-tone colors, and has the addition of the Fox, who is very important in the story. In this quilt I also used "fur" fabric for the sheep, and a textured soft-sheen metallic special occasion fabric for the planet's surface, which was really fun.

I hope to inspire everyone to read the book – "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – it is a wonderful story with so many meanings, and whimsical, enchanting illustrations – very inspiring!


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3 thoughts on “Little Prince Art Quilt #3 by Heather Reid

  1. I – the newest fan of quilting arts – have discovered what you can do with passion, fantasy, creativity, ideas, different materials, skill and a heart full of love. Not more than a month ago I found a new friend in Heather Reid and saw all her work. So amazed by the power of quilting and colors made me enter a “new world”.´This piece of “the little Prince” is gorgeous and so well done that I simply don´t have the words or even the knowledge of English well enough to be able to explain how it feels to look at it and all that it´s expressing.

    You made an impressive piece of art here, Heather,  and I am happy to be a part of your little piece of heaven. Thanks for showing Heather´s quilt  and for letting the world see it. It makes me smile! :o)

    Best regards.. Victoria Berntson, Sweden