Lori Wisheropp

My inner animal is displayed by a peacock who loves to show off her creativity and, admittedly, can be quite loud at times. The body of the bird is appliqued with added embroidery thread for embellishments. The feathers were painted by covering my hand with fabric paint to act as a stamp. The "eyes" of the plumes are my fingerprints. I felt it was important to include parts of myself in making this quilt.

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10 thoughts on “Lori Wisheropp

  1. Wow Lori!
    He has such character & expression He is truly a beautiful creature & your inovative method of painting (& including yourself) is just perfect for this piece.
    Love it!


  2. I love your bird!!   But please excuse my ignorance,  I don’t understand HOW you used your hand, I mean, what part of your hand did you apply the paint to, what kind of paint, fabric, how much pressure, etc?  The technique intrigues me which sounds kinda paradoxical since I’m not sure what the technique is!!  Guess I’m having a Duh moment.  I do think it’s gorgeous though 🙂 

  3. Hi,

    memawof3 asked how I used my hand to make the image.

    I painted the design onto my fingers and palm with textile paint and used my hand like a stamp. After stamping the fabric, I repainted my hand and shifted the position for another stamp to create the plums.

    It was messy but fun!

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