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5 thoughts on “Lynn

  1. I made portraits of the children of  my nextdoor neighbour as a birthday present. Lynn is my little quilt friend. She has been coming round my house to do all sorts of crafts ever since she was three years old. She is really creative. At the moment she loves everything to do with sewing. I gave her a few bits and pieces and she has composed her own little art quilt. Every time she comes rounds she works on it. She is only seven but  very patient and can work concentrated for a long time.

    For this portrait I wanted to use fabrics that stood out.I think this one came out very nice. Her brother’s I am not sure. I think the fabrics are too dark. I don’t want to throw it away. Any suggestions how to change it would be welcome.

  2. Thanks Josette, I know I make a lot but I work very fast as well. I just cannot stop, once I start something I want to see it finished. I guess I will slow down at some point, especially with the weather getting better. I’ll be outside more, walking with my dogs.