Madagascar/Indonesia Hybrid Kaleidoscope

This is number ten of a project I started 2 1/2 months ago, it was supose to be only 9 but got alittle larger, they are all 2'x2' and handquilted,If I ever had to work at the same thing the rest of my life it would be these little quilts.They take the perfect amount of time on design drafting cutting and quilting and go fast enough to see your work progessing constantly without any of that slog through and finish it time, Every step was a pleasure to do and I hope some out there have enjoyed watching them , I know I will want to make just a few more but also know I must quit them and do something eles for awhile anyway 🙂

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One thought on “Madagascar/Indonesia Hybrid Kaleidoscope

  1. From the very beginning, when I became a member of “Quilting Arts”,  I have been facinated with your art work.. so detailed, intricate, etc.  I admire your skill & patience for this type of quilting designs.  Each piece of art is so different  & intriguing.  I cannot imagine you stopping with these KALEIDOSCOPES,  THE possiblities are ENDLESS.. looking forward to your next design..