Mary Jane Campbell, award winner at Rocky Mountain Sew Expo

I created Mary Jane for the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo to represent a figure form the Art Nouveau Era.  She is a 20" tall hand sewn cloth sculpture.  Her "suit" is deep blue velvet with a blue twill lining.  Mary Jane's attire is authentic for the Era with numerous petticoats, bloomers, a corset, corset cover…right down to her two-tone leather boots.  I also created her hat which is adorned with peacock feathers and antique trims.  Mary Jane won a blue ribbon and Best Story Category at this show in spring 2009.

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2 thoughts on “Mary Jane Campbell, award winner at Rocky Mountain Sew Expo

  1. What wonderful fun.  I have been a doll maker in earlier life.  posing like that isn’t easy unless you preplan well in advance.  Love the color I’ll bet it is yummy in person. Hat petticoats, bloomers ,corset and corset cover too?  Must have taken forever to make this doll.  People don’t realize the huge difference between an ART DOLL and a Dolly.  Congrats!


  2. Thank you!  It is true..when I say I create dolls they think rag or porcelain dolls…then they see one of my “cloth sculptures” and are surprised..comments I receive are that my dolls aren’t what they expected…and are more surprised to learn they’re made from cloth!  Mary Jane took about 3 months to complete..most of my sculptures take about 2 weeks due to all the hand stitching.  I do have a website for anyone curious about the other sculptures I have made….it’s   or they can email me at scampsmom1953 at


    I love fabric and old trims/lace and try to use them whenever possible…my way to be “green” and give unwanted items a second chance at life.  This holds true with not only the items I create but also my “studio” which is floor to ceiling full of fabric and items to use for embellishments or props..or as my husband says “the do not enter for fear of being lost” room!