Just sandwiching this together today, so still got to get the quilting done on it but its only a twin size so that wont take long, it is another  handmade stack and whack kalidescope , it was going to have a fence around it but it kept overpowering the quilt so I settled for a woodland around it, since I divorced three men I thought about naming it Marry Marry Marry Quiet Contrary 🙂 Snowed in again here in Southern Oklahoma and its my birthday so doing what I like to do the most and playing with my quilt  and calling a no housework day off ,    🙂

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7 thoughts on “MaryMaryQuietContrary

  1. Sorry I didn’t mean to add a comment with nothing on it oopps!  Happy Birthday for yesterday.  Hope you had a lovely day being creative.  Love your quilt.  It’s very colourful.  Good time to ‘play’ when you are snowed in – nice day here in Scotland today – snow all gone away.  Am going to get going with my project as I am having to do some hand sewing as my sewing machine is getting fixed (hopefully) – miss it.  (One week without it!)  Dianne

  2. Thanks for all the nice words on this one, everyone here just thinks its ho hum but I still like it and thats all that really counts I guess, I had the flu and then took a trip to texas to see my mom so havent gotten it quilted in record time but got a full circle done on it already so looking at the two outside edges only to go, I think alot on what the perfect quilt would actually look like ,the one that would stop everyone in their tracks to just stare at it, Jenny Byers and Paula Nadlesterns would do it for me but the public at large is a harsh mistress she has very differants taste some liking traditional and some like wild contemporary looks, me I would love to hit the dead center of that issue someday,