Massai 55W 261/2L

The Masai are semi-nomadic people located in Kenya and northern Tanzania. Due to their distinctive customs and dress, the Massai choose to reside near the game parks of East Africa, they are among the most well known of the African ethnic groups.They speak Maa, a local dialect. As well as Swahili and English.

They are live stock farmers, and I have always been intrigued by their unique appearance, the stretching and piercing of  their ear lobes, including the thorns they use for piercing, as well as twigs, stones, the pieces of elephant tusks, and empty film canisters they wear in their earlobes. Red is the most favored color of the Massai men.

I created this abstract work to communicate to viewer the beautiful story of the Masai people of East Africa.


Artist Statement

Fabrics used are hand dyed fabrics and Kente prints.

Work is machine appliqued and quilted.

Work is lightly hand painted.

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6 thoughts on “Massai

  1. Thank you for sharing your magnificent art !  also for sharing the history of the Masai people,  I love learning about different ethnic people.   I love the colours, so very warm.  The work you have done to capture the story is like none other, it muct have taken you months to make this quilt.

  2. the work is very beautiful – but the Masai (East Africa) don’t wear Kente – that fabric is from Ghana (West Africa) – the kings cloth.  However, none of that takes anything away from the beauty and hard work put into the piece.