This is my very first fabric portrait. I used a picture of my son on which  he was 13 years old. I didn't want to work too small so I just did part of the photo.  I cropped it and photoshopped it with the poster effect to get good contour lines and shadows. I changed it into grey tones. I matched my fabrics with the different grey tones. I used the lightest as the base and then fused the other bits, then satin stitched them. I did a little bit of thread painting.


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4 thoughts on “mathijs

  1. Very nice Meta,

    I love how you made the details in the quilt. You really upload very nice quilts. I truly believe you are one of the better quilters on this website

    Also what a beautiful son you’ve got.

    greetings, Karen Thompson, Quiltingguru

  2. Thanks for both your compliments. I am quite surprised myself that this picture is so nice, as it is my first. Maria, I have just looked at your work. It is really beautiful, I want to learn more so I have just ordered your workshop. It is still downloading as I am writing this.