Memories of Drumheller


These are photos I took of a trip to Drumheller, Alberta with my family last spring. They were transferred onto a piece of rust-dyed fabric by fusing a piece of fusible web onto the fabric. The fusible was ironed onto the fabric, then the photo printed onto a piece of regular paper using an ink-jet was ironed onto the fusible. Then the paper was rubbed away using a small amount of water and my finger. The photos were then touched up with water colour pencils and pastels. When rubbing the paper off the photos it gave the whole thing a distressed feel that I thought was really cool. The piece was meant to hang on the wall as is (with stiching of course) but I never finished it because it just looks blah. I don't know whether I should cut it up and re-piece it together. Do I add a splash of colour? I just don't know. The Drumheller area is known as the Badlands of Alberta. It is very hot, very brown and has some of the coolest land formations going, not to mention some of the best dinosaur bone deposits in the world! The phots of are an old mining bridge, and three different interesting rock formations in the area. I thought the rust-dyed fabric would really tie into the colours and the feel of the area but it the whole piece lacks something. I think just too much brown is going on but don't know what to add to give it punch without detracting from the photos.

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8 thoughts on “Memories of Drumheller

  1. Hi

    This is a fabulous piece, you should be very pleased.  If you want to add more how about text or hand stitching, reds or blacks go well with ochres, some text in black, very small so as not to detract but adding a block of interest from a distance which also supplies more information as you move closer.  Large running stitching or loose haphazard cross stitch might add some surface interest too, even just a gentle row of stitiching following some (not all) of the curves of rust.  With images on text you need to ask yourself do you want them to stand alone as images or merge with the background, if you want the latter then think about adding subtle touches that run the image colours in to the background.


    Great piece!


  2. Beautiful so far.  I love the rusted fabrics and the photos.  It is very linear and needs something to punch it up.  I think cutting and repiecing with some hand dyed fabrics in colors that would enhance what you have already would be great.  Maybe even some rusted fabric with either some colors over painted to accent the rust patterns or over dyed to keep the rust and add another color.  Can’t wait to see what QA thinks and what you end up doing with it!

  3. This does not look blah to me.  I think it is wonderful.  It reminds me of an aged wall, something I love.  If you want to add some energy to it how about some seed stitching.  I think it might also give it more presence if it were stretched and framed like a canvas painting.  Maybe a very simple matt black frame?  I think it works.  It is simple and understated but also rich and interesting.  I am wanting to try your technique.  

  4. If you want to add a different colour, I would suggest a bluey/grey in a similar hue to the 2nd right picture, but make sure you vary the shades of it.

     Have you tried placing a border around it? maybe a heavily dye rusted piece, or similar to the forground of the left hand picture? 

  5. I really like this piece…it makes me want to move closer to eyeball it from very close.  I agree with the previous suggestions for text and seed stitching.  NICE WORK!!!