"Memory of Georgia O’Keefe" by Jaynie Himsl and Ann Thomas

Quilter in Distress: Jaynie Himsl
Rescuer: Ann Thomas

 "Memory of Georgia O'Keefe" • 19" x 18"

Jaynie: "This piece started out as pre-quilted muslin for a dyeing/painting day put on by our guild. I had water and land formations in mind when I did it. The painting results weren't what I'd hoped for. I washed out a good portion of the paint after I got home and sometime later added paint sticks to the surface. I like portions of this piece but mostly it's not something I really want hanging on my wall. I'm looking forward to seeing what someone else will do to rescue this piece."

Ann: "I visited the Columbus Art Museum the day before the quilt challenge arrived. Several Georgia O'Keefe floral pictures were on display. In the challenge piece I saw flower petals. I was inspired to choose purple and deep shades of pink to enhance the quilted petals. The process I used is appliqué. I cut petals from the challenge piece and laid them on freezer paper. I traced the outline then added the rest of the petals and leaf shapes. I copied the pattern a second time and numbered all the pieces. I appliquéd all the pieces to the background material. I used a matching colored pencil to cover the white threads that showed on the edge of the original cut petals. This helped blend the petals into the background. I also added beads to the center of the flower"




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4 thoughts on “"Memory of Georgia O’Keefe" by Jaynie Himsl and Ann Thomas

  1. Wow, I just got my QA mag today and saw that the UFO’s were posted online.  I had to come and see what someone had done to my disaster. 

    I have a big smile on my face and can hardly wait to see it in my hands.  Art always looks better seeing it for real.  I’ll be very proud to own my personalized Georgia O’Keefe.  Thank you very much Ann, you’ve transforned it to a piece I’ll hang on my living room wall.

  2. I can’t figure out the intention of the quilter altough she says that it was Gerogia O’Keefe but the rescuer hit it right on the head. Georgia herself couldn’t have done a better job at memorializing herself in fabric.