Midge Meditation

This is my entry for my 12 x 12 group.  Our word for this round was "Frog."  I started with hand dyed fabrics (thanks for your instructions Melly!) and then used Maria Elkins' Easy Portrait method to make the frog.

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9 thoughts on “Midge Meditation

  1. Great piece!  Thanks for giving the series number for the Maria and Pokey show.  It makes it much easier to find.   My grandaughter would love this frog!  Keep up the good work….Jim D   

  2. I love the frog you did using my method. My daughter loved frogs for years. I’m going to have to show her your quilt 🙂

    I’ve only done portraits of people, so it’s nice to see one done of an animal. People always ask me if it can be done, and I always assumed it could; I just had not done it myself yet. I always think portraits done if hand-dyed fabrics are wonderful, as you have shown.