Mina Doerner

Title: Mute Vigil


Mute swans are known for their disagreeable nature, but they are most belligerent while protecting their eggs and young.  I think my swan ended up with a more tranquil disposition.


For my quilt, I used a fabric collage technique, funsig free-hand rotary-cut strips of cotton, lame, and silk fabric to the background base for the wing, grasses and nest before laying down stitches with my trusty 15+-year-old Bernina 1031.  I liked the regularity of straight stitch for the grasses and nest, but felt that free-motion stitching more closely represented feathers and waves.  I used fabrics from my stash, including a highly-textured, indigo-dyed Thai silk for the border.  Threads are mostly rayon with some metallic thread sprinkled in.


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Helen Gregory

About Helen Gregory

Helen Gregory is the managing editor for Quilting Arts Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors. She has been quilting for years; however, her very first quilt, a hand-pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden design, is still not finished! Since joining the QA/CPS team, Helen's stash has grown to include many mixed-media items. Basically, Helen has crossed over and sees artful possibilities in, well, everything. Having worked for years in the quilting industry, both as an editor and in marketing, she is absolutely thrilled to be part of the QA team. Like everyone on the QA/CPS staff, she wears many hats, and was recently mistaken for Pokey's personal assistant during the taping of QA TV Season 4.

9 thoughts on “Mina Doerner

  1. Wow, the detail is amazing.  The swan, grass, and nest look 3-dimensional and really “pop out”.  I love the silkiness of the swan in contrast with the woody nest.  Also, the way the artist extended the “picture” outside the border makes a wonderful presentation.  Great job!

  2. Mina’s quilt square is really unbelievable.  I have seen it in “real life” and the pictures are good but the piece is really fantastic.  Having done a “little” sewing, I know how hard it is to sew through thick fabric…this piece has so many pieces I don’t know how Mina kept everything straight!  It is a really excellent piece and the attention to detail took much talent.  Way to go Mina and good luck!

  3. The close-up shots say it well, “This is a really talented quilter!”

    The fabrics, color and stitching are so well chosen for this piece, looks like Nature put it together.