Mola Birdnest

another mola quilt , It was fun just matching borders and playing with fabric on small pieces , 

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5 thoughts on “Mola Birdnest

  1. I just love molas. A lady at a sewing guild did a program on molas and I had never seen a real one before or even had heard the term before but after reading some books on them I can really appreciate all your hard work. Do you dye your own fabrics? You have chosed some really nice ones for the borders.  And I like how you did the diagonals  pretty cool. Nancy

  2. I dont dye to much but love collecting anything wild, peculiar fabrics some call it , and I break all the “Rules” when putting them together , Thanks   Linda

  3. Molas!  My husband and I were stationed in Panama for a little over 3 years, and they of course were everywhere.  I enjoyed them and the other work the Sand Blast Indians did.  Now when I see one I just smile because it reminds me of a wonderful time in our lives.  Nice work.

  4. Hi everyone as seller of molas, I am always searching the web to see what people do with their molas and I am always anxious to see a quilt out there, great job Linda.

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