Mother love in north of France

This 22nd 5"square in the series for my daughter figures my memory of my first baby and I ,40 years ago in the north of France where we lived till 7 years ago when we decided to go and live in Spain. The statue in the background is the symbol of our region and main town named Lille. It expresses the mothers' love for their children and stands for a  poor woman who worked hard as a bobbin lacemaker in the 19th cent. and sings a lullaby to her child to make him sleep. The song is called "petit quinquin" and is considered like our regional hymn,I wrote the 1st words of it.I manipulated a little the sculpture shot  that I printed on cloth.The free motion drawing on silk organza representing my daughter and I comes from an old slide.The white bobbin lace was made by my daughter.

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