Mountain Majesty

This approximately 11"x11" quiltlet-to-be is an experiment in process.  I wanted to try the Citra-Solve/National Geo method.  I took the best page from the pile of trials and decided I wanted to interweave fabric with the altered paper page.  I cut both the vertical paper and horizontal fabric somewhat bargello style by making 1/4"-3/4" slices.  Once woven I added the mountain, tree and moon.  As you can see, the weave wants to pop through the mountain… More layers might fix that?  I have Heat n Bonded the whole to batting with the plan to quilt and bind it, but what shape?  Jagged edged?  Circular?  Square it up?  Bind it or zigzag the edges?  I like the 'feel' invoked with this little piece, but am stuck.  Suggestions sincerely appreciated!


Okay, so I have to square it up…again! But this is what my UFO turned out to want to be. Thanks for all the input everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Mountain Majesty

  1. I really like what you have started and like the uneven edges, what about surging the edges with a rolled hem and pearl cotton in the loser lopper?  It would give a nice finish and then maybe supperimpose on another mounted canvas shape?  Just some ideas.  Look forward to seeing your finished piece.

  2. I really like the mood that you have created with this piece.   I find that my eye is drawn to the smooth elongated curve at the bottom of the mountain – I would consider a way to soften that somewhat so that it is more integrated into the composition.  Five Stars!

  3. Thank you for the ‘stars’ improvise! This little quilt is going in for professional help, as one of the UFO’s chosen for the QA segment. It will be fun to see what they will do with it. I hope to learn a lot from everyone!