Mountain Spirit, Mountain Reverence

This piece was for a show at the Lake Tahoe Arts center, December 2010 "Spiritual" exhibit. Artists were challenged to express their spiritual belief etc. through any medium. My piece is about the sense of a protecting spirit, a guide, I find in the mountains, and particularly in the winter when skiing. It is as though the mountain ridge and peak is a presence, holding each of us out on the mountain. The words are critical to this — and likely hard to see here! They are quotes from the famous and not so famous…Hebrew about "going to the mountain," New Testment regarding "protection like a rock." French text is that of René Dumal, regarding acting below by what one has learned by being above. And words of a couple of pro big mountain skiers, about why they do what they do, in the face of the risks,  and the sense of unity and community. And the "sun" over the head/peak is my nod to the iconic art of the Madonna through the ages.

Size: about 15 x 22.

Materials / Technique: wet and needle felting, quilting, ink jet printing, embellishment with beads, needlework, hand made "chenille" strips


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One thought on “Mountain Spirit, Mountain Reverence

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of work into that!  It’s lovely and when I enlarged it, I could see the text.  Very nice and definitely a lot of thought and work in it.  Bravo!