My 1st Kaledescope Quilt

I am a big fan of Paula Nadelstern and her kalidescopes , where she has the garment district

in NYC to find her fabrics I have southern oklahoma , But we both love fabric and believe

more is more 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My 1st Kaledescope Quilt

  1. Thanks For a long time they intimated me , I dont do math much so that part I had to get over some, but just the angles of a circle, but once i was into my first one it was thrilling to just let the fabric decide where it went, get markers ,template plastic sharp scissors and a neighborhood of fabric and just start you’ll love it too     Linda

  2. Okie Linda. I love your quilt, I have recently purchased Paula’s N. book Puzzle Quilts, My first introduction to her works.After working full time for a few years I have started quilting again since retiring in Nov 07. There are so many new books and websites that I feel like I have a full time job just reintroducing myself to the world of quilting. I like to work on my own inspiration instead of using patterns as I enjoy expanding my own creativity.

    My main interest since beginning again has been Wizard of Oz quilts, using Quilting Treasures fabrics, 6 collections in all, 4 current and 2 more coming out soon. If you would like to see pictures I can email to you.

    I am also in Southern Oklahoma, Duncan. Where do you live? Just wondering, if you prefer privacy I will understand