My first Art Quilt "Shelby"

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5 thoughts on “My first Art Quilt "Shelby"

  1. Thanks for your comment.  Yes this was my DH’s son’s dog (female) Shelby.  KC had gotten h when she was just a pup, probably 1999 or 2000.  He was living in Colorado Springs when an unexpected divorce hit him, so he moved to Lincoln, NE to go to school.  While trying to get settled in a new life, he left his dog with his mom for a few months.  Shelby died on the morning of KC’s first day in college in Lincoln.  He says he thinks of her daily, so since I had been wanting to do an art quilt, I decided to do this for him, as he is very dear to me.  It has many mistakes, but he loves it dearly and that is the main thing.  I am anxious to do another and have my photo ready just need the time. 

    Thanks again..

  2. Thank you for sharing the quilt and the story.  I find that stories give the quilts even more heart.  It is not about perfection it is about the feelings that the quilt brings out.    This quilt makes the viewer feel and it is wonderful.

    thank you


  3. There is Shelby!  As you know, I fell in love with this quilt on another site.  I love her here, as well.  Thanks for sharing the story, it is endearing.  I can’t wait to see what you will do next. Your friend, Diana