My Gang of Textile Art Students

Since I thought the picture of my Elvis Quilt had my kids around me, but it didn't, I thought I would post a picture of them. These are 4th thru 6th graders that I taught at an art camp this summer. We did painting, weaving, mud cloth, sun-painting, and something called Global Fashionista where the kids re-made old jeans or clothes or brought T-shirts or thought of all kinds of wearable art to make. Then we had a fashion show at lunch on the last day of the week. I was amazed at what those kids came up with and it was all done without a sewing machine or needles (because of the chance of blood contamination if one girl used the same needle as another one). Most of it was done with steam-a-seam to keep the seams together, and lots and lots of different glues and glued on embellishments. Since the girls were not allowed to use the iron, my assistant, Jesse, and I had to do all the ironing. I taught for 2 weeks, and each week was a different set of kids. When I was given my list of students in the Fashionista group for the second week it showed I had 12 students. When I walked into the classroom there were 20 students! So many of them had heard how much fun the class was, they swithched from other classes without telling anyone. I was very flattered and felt honored  that they wanted to learn the techniques I was teaching. This is the 1st week students at the fashion show. Don't you just love how inventive they were. Remember, they thought up these outfits all by themselves and then Jesse and I showed them how to put them together.

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2 thoughts on “My Gang of Textile Art Students

  1. Thanks for sharing! You must have had a blast working with such a great looking bunch of gals. They won’t forget you and the influence that you have made on their lives. Nancy