"My Heart Knows What the Wild Goose Knows"

Quilt Title: “My Heart Knows What the Wild Goose Knows” My art quilt contrasts the earth bound Swan, with her inability to fly and her obligation to her young, with the free flying Wild Geese. Just for a moment, her heart soars with them as they pass overhead. I decided to do my quilt in a very traditional style, while using today’s technology. I copied the Swan picture on a Sew-In Colorfast fabric sheet for Inkjet printers. These fabric sheets are available at most quilting stores. I have wanted to try this technique for some time. Then I used (from The Quiltshowcom Ricky Tims teaches Alex Anderson how to make a Flying Geese block with just one seam – Stitch Video) the Flying Geese to form the border around my printed picture. He makes the Flying Geese pattern very simple and quick. Since I was on-a-roll with the new techniques, I used an embroidery card to quilt the center of my block using bright yellow rayon thread. The card came with my sewing machine, but I was never brave enough to try it. The rest the block is stitched with straight-line quilting to represent the sun’s rays. The quilt has lightweight Bamboo batting between two layers of 100% cotton fabric. It measures 14” X 11”, and weighs a mere 2 ¼ ounces, it may be displayed either by the sleeve on the back or in a frame. Thank you Bernina for offering this Challenge. It created a perfect opportunity for me to try new ideas and different techniques.

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