My Magen David quilt

This is the  first hexagon quilt that I made by hand.

 I did it row by row and it is still my favorite quilt so far. It was also done with freezer paper.It was machine guilted.

It hanges in our hall way.

 I love working  with my hands and am now ready to start using the machine.

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3 thoughts on “My Magen David quilt

  1. This is very impressive for your first shot at hexagon quilting! I love the interesting color effects.I too just made my first hexagon quilt but it’s very small, and I used the machine. Malke Dubrawsky has a great article on machine hexagon piecing in Quilt Scene if you need some guidance. I followed her technique and it was really helpful.

  2. Inspiring!  I have paper pieced hexagons (actually quite a few) but I never seem to do anything with them!  They are quite peaceful  and satisfying to make. 

    Second break and I’m still looking at your quilts.  Many thanks.


  3. I know this is years later, but I saw where you mentioned in a different post that you got this quilt idea from a book. Did the book have a template or pattern with it. I’ve never done a quilt like this, but want to make one for my mother. Thanks!!