My UFO from QA TV

OK, I made this quilt for a past segment of QA TV to illustrate how you can take a black and white fabric and overdye it in a variety of colors. Now I have this quilt that feels a little too Andy Warhol-ish and I need to make it more funky! I'm thinking of cutting it up into separate panels and massively embellishing each to turn into a whacky, whimsical, colorful series.


I posted my work in progress, now you post yours! 

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18 thoughts on “My UFO from QA TV

  1. I’m with Carol……and Mary.    Yep, cut it up and go for it;  Noooooooo don’t you dare cut that up!  LOL

    It’s a cool piece.  I wonder what couched threads would do to it?  Not sure where or what color, or even if, but just a thought.  I can see beads, too.  Or a judicious build up of molding paste hair? 

    Maybe you need to leave this one alone, and make a series doing different treatments on each successive quilt!

  2. Hi Pokey

    My next move would be to photograph it and print out colour copies and cut them up and see if an arrangement grabs you.  That way you don’t damage anything if you decide it needs to stay in one piece!  Pam

  3. Pokey,

    I would like to see this made into a nine patch type piece,  Yes,  go ahead and cut it up.  Then as you put the nine patch pieces together, you  may want to continue with the color.  Maybe use SetaColor transparent to get a green background on a couple of squares.   Or…overdye all of it in a pale pink to tie the colors together.  If you do the nine patch, dont use any sashing,  the do free motion quilting following the images on the piece.

    I love the possibilities for this piece.

    Frances Holliday Alford

  4. Oh Yeah!  Did we or didn’t we?  That is the question!  I guess you will have to tune into Season 7 and watch for the results on “Save My UFO”!  Pokey, I won’t tell if you don’t!


  5. I just found your tv show and saw the repeat of Pokey’s UFO.  I, like the rest of the responders would love to see the finished project! I’ve looked through the Blogs and Galleries – HELP  Deborah