Nature Embellishments

Raft bundles

These are some little raft bundles I made with red willow, leaves and threads.

  I added little snippets of text. They are small, about 3 inches long I think I can use then on journal covers, art quilts, and add them to assemble pieces. I may be thinking of the tsunami and all the people bundling up their possessions and little fragments of their life. I find my thoughts are often first revealed in my art work.

Do you find your art is affected by what is happening in your environment?

 I know that when it is winter my palette is pale as the snowy landscape. About March, much like a plant, I begin to feel the urge of spring and my palette begins to brighten. The first green pushing up through the earth remind me…Oh yes, there is color! I see the red of the robin’s *** and a flash of bluebird, and their colors begin to appear in my palette. Spring is here.

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One thought on “Nature Embellishments

  1. what a shame that our automatic digital screeners delete pivotal words describing a natural instance. The robin’s star-star-star above, which should have described a lung-filled, be-feathered frontisepiece – decorated front designed to be imposing – of a bird noticed especially for that brightly colored part of the anatomy.  Wow! Look how may ways i could say the star-star-star without saying it. This editing element would vaporize poetry as we know it. I know we must avoid the vulgar, but in art, to BLEEP the named parts of the anatomy is truly sad.  What’s next? The pirate’s BLEEP,  the BLEEP of drawers?        ~southwindsrider