Needle-felt opportunity

I call mistakes "design opportunities!" I was working on a sample purse made from a thrift store sweater for a needle-felt class I was teaching the next day; I had almost finished needle-felting my design (all by machine, love the way the hand-dyed silk velvet needle-felts into wool!) and noticed a rather large hole just to the left of one of my yarn "tendrils". I was so dismayed, as the design had turned out so pretty, the colors gorgeous, but I couldn't teach a class with a big hole in my sample! What to do?…Then I remembered, I'd saved my dryer lint when I'd felted my wool sweater in the washer/dryer. I took a quarter-sized piece of the purple wool dryer lint and needle-felted it to the wrong side of the sweater-bag, in effect, "patching" the hole. then I took some lavender curly wool fibers and needle-felted little "blossoms" to the end of each of the 3 tendrils on the left, and voila! No hole in sight, and I liked the design even better. I'll upload a photo of the finished purse in a separate message, couldn't get 2 to upload here, thanks!

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Vickie Clontz is an award-winning fiber artist and designer. Her pattern company Annie's Keepsakes is celebrating 27 years of business in 2017 with over 100 patterns for home decor, accessories and wearable art. Vickie brings her down home style and expertise to all of her workshops she teaches across the country. She is also published in books and magazines both in the US and abroad.

5 thoughts on “Needle-felt opportunity

  1. I’m so glad to see some needle felting, I have the machine, in my closet for over a year and not opened yet,  I love the colours it’s all very beautiful, looking forward to seeing more. Where is the hole???  LOL

  2. That was a terrific idea and SAVE!  Way to go.  I love the design and Love Needle Felting w/my felting machine (Viking) also.  I’d love to try some silk roving.  Do you have any idea if there is such a thing and where to purchase it?  Again, your piece in beautiful.  Josi

  3. The hole is just to the left of the upper “curli-que”, hard to see with the dark purple wool, but believe me it is there! There is definitely silk roving, I have some beautiful merino and silk mix roving in shades of turquoise and green, the silk adds a wonderful luster  to the piece. Silk is a very strong fiber, so it does help to have the needle-felt machine to coax it into place.