Nest Building

Mother Swan is building her nest in preparation for Mother's Day! She is laying twigs I picked up outside and sewed by hand using invisable thread to her already machine sewn free motions style nesting area. (Using varigated brown/white thread) 

She (and her nest) were prepared by copying the photo in mirror image, placing it on white cotton, and then machine sewing on the paper image with silver metallic thread from my bobbin (wrong side/photo side). She was then cut out and sewn applique style/raw edged on top of the background.

The background is two pieces of cotton fabric from my stash heavily free motion sewn to be grassland and water. Silver metallic thread was used for the sun's reflection on the water. It is bound with turquoise cotton left over from my last big quilt project. Longer twigs were added to the sides to frame the whole picture.

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29 thoughts on “Nest Building

  1. Lynn

    Its very good and I enjoyed your thread work along with the comforting thought of her preparation  of her nest for Mother’s Day. Look forward to see more of your art.

    Cindy S


  2. Congrats Lynn!

    This is a super charming piece!

    Love the composition, colour to the details!!!!!

    Your creation is very expressive and have touched my heart:)

    Sorry to drop by late here. I have hard time accessing this web site and finally I can access and give comment & my vote to you. Blessing from God and all the friends here:)


  3. Lynnie….totally awsome…love how the grass grows up and down and the water in the lake goes sideways. so realistic.

    I love all the different mediums, especially the twigs

    good luck!


  4. Lynn, I am really not a quilt buff, but for you, my ol’ friend, at whose home we all learned to play “post office”, today I AM one. Your quilt is fabulous. Truly….Best of them all.

    Warmest regards,