Nested in the Reeds

The most fun part of this challenge was deciding on materials, and the hardest part of the challenge was to keep the design simple. The felt captures the soft down of the swan neck, the silk reflects the slick beak, hand-dyed fabric enhanced with some pencil for the 3D stuffed eggs, a funky fiber for the nest, and of course the dragonflies and eye from my bead drawer. The reed shapes are echoed with quilting on the swan. This challenge was great fun.


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17 thoughts on “Nested in the Reeds

  1. I love this the depth with the layering of swan an dthe reeds, but oh the nest !!!! Not to mention the dragon flies you are definatly a contender with the big votes!!

  2. This lovely work of art is just beautiful! This quilter has a gift and I am so glad she is sharing it with us. Thank you for giving me a moment to stop and reflect. There are so many beautiful entries in this competition but this one in particular makes me so happy! This quilter gets my vote!

  3. I love the perspective used for this piece.  Your approach is fresh and really focuses in on the things that speak to me as the primary elements.  Beautiful job.  Thanks for sharing.


    • I love the strong graphic of the bird against the feathery foliage.  
    • Your choice of color is also lovely, the blue greens are really well contrasted by the orange beak along with the border colors.  
    • The nest is soft and prickly at the same time, but I think the eggs are my favorite part, they look like they would be warm to the touch

    You’ve got my vote missy!


  5. I love the colors, particularly how the reeds blend with the sky and the eggs with the nest.. How the reeds lift up to the sky as well as matt down for the next.

    Also as someone said, the perspective is wonderful.  You sense this is how mother swan sees her clutch..

    A very wonderful piece. Thnaks for sharing

  6. This is an exceptional entry!  Very sophisticated and beautifully rendered!  Love the swan ‘portrait’, background, eggs, nest, everything!

  7. You have a gift with color, texture and perspective. Each new project is such fun to see develop and turn into a creation of beauty. What a great feeling it must be to claim your piece complete! Nesting in the Reeds brings out the natural instinct of motherhood to care for and protect her young. You have my vote, for sure.


  8. I think your quilt should be ranked higher, I voted for you a while back and would again if i could.  It’s a winner!  If you get a chance please check out my  “piece”,  it would be nice to have an artist such as your self to comment on it.  Good Luck!!