Never Mind

I decided to create this piece when I was essentially un-invited to a tea party hosted by someone I had not met, but we had a mutual friend who extended the invitation to me and her niece because she was encouraged to bring guests.  The invitation read, "Lady Friends of Ladies Always Welcome."

When my friend was unable to attend after all, I wrote to the host and asked if I might still come, along with my friend's niece, because we had been excited about coming and meeting  local artists who would be in attendance at this annual event.  The host wrote back after many days, and replied, "Unknown people don't come! …unknown to anyone else present!"  She also said my request made her feel "weird!" 

I used photo copies of the invitation I had received, altered a bit with different colors and printed on lightweight interfacing which I ran through my printer, backed with freezer paper.  I also printed text from her letter to me the same way, and constructed layers of paper photocopies, (the tea cups) and the interfacing copies merged together on a base fabric with gel medium.  The tea cups image is from a previous painting I had done many years ago. I turned them upside down for this piece.  Making the quilt was very satisfying and although I made plenty of mistakes, I learned a lot from doing it.

My 'free motion' quilting is horrible, but I think it adds to the piece anyway!  In many places, it is jagged and I tell myself it looks like broken pieces of china! LOL!  I enjoyed making this piece and enjoy looking at it now.

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10 thoughts on “Never Mind

  1. It’s a great idea and a therapy for sure ! art helps us to express ourselves ! such an unusual text makes your work more original. At last you’re one of the invited artists !

  2. This piece is lovely, and I truly mean it. I am a painting major and fibers minor at Savannah College of Art and Design and I would say you are right on track of creating wonderful works of art. The fact that your life inspired you to create is an inspiration for me and my art as well. And I would say don’t be concerned about some jagged edges; part of creating art is the beautiful mistakes that spring from human creation. It’s the reason why computers will never be the same. Keep creating!

  3. Very creative way to transfor a negative into a positive – the folks that were in attendance will never what they missed out on by leaving you out.