New crow stamps

These are 5 new crow stamps I made after watching Lyric Kinards DVD. One of the topics on "Surface Design Sampler Platter" was carving rubber stamps. She suggested Speedy Carve which is a soft, easy to carve material. I bought large sheets, cut each stamp out, yes, with scissors, and glued it to a wooden block which I polyed after stamping an image of the stamp onto the top of the wooden block. I now have a shoe box full of custom made stamps. I also tried linoleum blocks. Although much cheaper, they are harder to carve and slipping with the bladed carving tool was a problem for me. As a matter of fact, I'v got a huge puncture right now. I'll spend the extra and use speedy carve exclusively.

I hope I am not misleading you about the process. I CARVED the stamps THEN cut them out of the larger sheet of Speedy carve then glued them to the block


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2 thoughts on “New crow stamps

  1. I do a lot of stamp carving myself, it can be dangerous if your carving tool slips! To work easier with lino, use a heat gun to heat it slightly… that will soften the surface and make it easier to carve.