New Kaleidoscope Age Old Questions

I still find it fasinating how differant each and every Kaleidoscope comes out , lots think that I must just have a very imaginative mind or something but it really is just the fabrics doing it, This K shows the conflicts in dealing with my Mom in the hospital and her decision to go into a nursing home instead of back to her assisted apartment, When I look into it , it shows the buzz saw effect I was feeling at the foot of her bed drawing it out, For the last two years I have brought all my work in and she has seen every piece come to life, she might not have understood why I make such odd quilts but she did enjoy watching them come together one by one,

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One thought on “New Kaleidoscope Age Old Questions

  1. I really admire you for your imagination & artistic work…this one is so pretty with the beautiful red flowers….pansies???

    I still find it fascinating with each & every new Kalidescope..