North Carolina River in Thread

A 5" x 7" thread painting based on a photograph taken by my friend, Edgar Woodfin of a North Carolina river near Tuxedo, North Carolina. The background is painted Habutai silk and the thread painting is done in rayon threads using a straight stitch.  It is matted and framed.

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20 thoughts on “North Carolina River in Thread

  1. What a wonderful, beautiful sight to begin my day! If you ever get tired of having this around your home, I would be more than glad to give you my address… :?}

  2. I have several artist friends that say it is hard to ‘make money’ on their art due to the cost of matting and framing, not to mention the gallery cut on top of that. You have to love what you do. (and have a Sugar Daddy?)

    I am just a baby beginner in the thread painting area, but I get better each time I try…and it is so much fun! Have you looked into making your own frames? Or does that just take that much more time away from creating? :?}

  3. I have seen many wonderful art work on this website, but I do believe that this is the best yet !  The trees , are so beautiful ! the colours are sooooooo real and the movement of the water, rocks and all are so realistic.    Great work.  I bet it looks just great framed.

  4. Thank you so much!  Both of your kind remarks have made my day!  And I needed a lift just now!

    As for framing, I wouldn’t know where to begin although I have seen people just use frames they buy ready-made and I may have to resort to that instead of having them professionally framed.

  5. Absoluletly beautiful!  wonderful work with a challenging technique.  Hope to see more of your work.  As for the framing, learning to frame them yourself would save you a lot, but of course has outlays of matt cutting equipment if you want to go with custom matt/frame sizes.  American frame is a great source for ordering custom matts and frames.  Best of luck to you on finding a gallery, they deserve to be in one!

  6. This would be all and more than everyone has already said; but, it’s only 5″ X 7″….  I can’t even get my head around the detail involved in that size.  This is not only BEAUTIFUL, but, oh so, IMPRESSIVE!!!!  Love it!

  7. This is absolutely stunning.  I would love to do something like this and you have given me inspiration to make a start on thread painting.  Any tips for a starter?  Dianne (Scotland)

  8. Beautiful!  I do thread painting too. I try to begin with the  standard frame sizes, so I can just go and pick out a mat and drop the whole piece into a standard frame.  Much cheaper than having a custom made frame.  The mat can be custom cut so the ‘hole’ is correct for the painting. Do you use stabilizer or a hoop?