Office Window Quilt

I wanted a window in my office and soon realized the only way I would get one was to do it myself (smile).  Since I am a quilter and not a carpenter, the answer was obvious.  I had also wanted to make a memory quilt for all the furry members of our family (our children have been the type that meow and bark).  So this window project allowed me to do both.  I created a short video slideshow for my sisters who live out of town.  I have that link below.  Enjoy!!!  Happy Quilting, Chris.


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2 thoughts on “Office Window Quilt

  1. Chris, this was lovely.  Your video made me cry though.  It reminded me of my wife telling our little dog goodbye before she died.  Mommy will see you soon.  I especially loved the views and simple framing of suchints as the swing, the pitfork, and even Big Maine looing in the corner of the window.  Great work…….Jim D