Oh Baby

Stepping out of the box of traditional quilting  is all about imagination. ” Oh Baby”  is made from  96% recycled  items. I have a very large stash of lots of things.  the nest was formed from old drapery fabric, actually I pulled a mass of threads out of this fabric. I lov to unravel , Mother is covered with thread painting, The eggs are alabaster shells. The feathers came from a  down pillow. 

She is layered with   jean backing, batting, and  cotton  fabrics,  embroidery and metallic threads. I used several techniques including  different two threads in one needle for quilting.  I really had no plan I just dropped the feed dogs and let my machine take off. Imagination is is the power of forming a mental image of an item that has not yet been experienced. The power to create is awesome.

Thank YOU for considering my art quilt, Good luck to everyone:)

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5 thoughts on “Oh Baby

  1. I like the “freeformness” of your quilt and that you recycle items to create.  I also use “throwaways” to create.  In my piece “vigil”  the water is made from tiny scraps that would generally be disgarded.  You’ve got my vote!

  2. Susan,

    I love your “recycled” quilt.  Lots of great texture and interest. I also love to recycled and things on hand.  It sounds like you and I work in a very similar fashion.  Just let go and follow your heart.  Your have my vote.  Can’t wait to see what you so next!

    Good Luck,


  3. I love your alabaster shells idea!  Also love the recycle aspect and the imaginative quilting. Thank you for your comment on Taxi Mom, and here’s a vote for you!